Brew Beginnings: A Mostly-Innocent College Student’s First Missoula Brewery and Brew Fest Experiences

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Everything is wooden: the counters, benches, floors, walls and tree-ring decor. The high-beam ceiling stacks together like Lincoln Logs with rugged bark. Little family-like groups nest within the four seating areas, some high, some low. I took everything in. The people here seemed at home. They played board games, laughed loudly without fear of disrupting […]
edited pothole KA

Annual Pothole Battle Gets Bigger and More Expensive

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Like any native Montanan, especially one with a Subaru, I like to drive nearly everywhere. My daily commute to the University is a circus of dodging and slowing down for an ever-increasing amounts of potholes, some small and unnoticeable, and others the size of small canyons. Either way, a pothole grows, no matter how small […]
Missoulians are nationally recognized as horrible drivers.

Missoulians Say They’re #1 in Country for Crappy Driving

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Missoula, Mont.— Horrendous driving is one of Missoula’s favorite tirades and people SHOULD be angry. For the second year in a row, Montana ranks number 1 as the nation’s worst drivers according to a 2015 study done by The study shows that Montana finished among the top 20 in every category, ranging from 20th […]

“These kids and their damn… EDM?”

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Missoula is frequently put in the spotlight for its booming music scene. We’ve seen big names like the Rolling Stones, Sir Paul McCartney and Macklemore. For Montana, that’s a big deal, and the rest of the state does not have as great a track record for bringing in well known artists. We’ve even been commended […]
Gluten free bread

Gluten-free Gluttons

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Head to any restaurant downtown and you’ll find the same thing on every menu, regardless of cuisine. From Iron Horse to Ciao Mambo, the top restaurants in Missoula are quickly jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon. It’s a savvy business move. According to CBS News, nearly two million Americans have celiac disease, the disease that leaves […]
Cofee Shops

Coffee Shop Talk

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Coffee Shop Talk   Most Missoulians are loyal to their favorite shops and seldom branch off to other places. But if you were to ask a stranger, it’s likely they would quickly spout off the name of one of the many options Missoula has to offer: Black Coffee Roasting Company, The Break, Liquid Planet, Zootown […]
A surfer rides Brennan's Wave. Photo by Kayse Angel

Surfing in Missoula?

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Australia has the Gold Coast. Hawaii has the Pipeline in Oahu. Missoula has a 20-foot wide dip in the Clark Fork River. Welcome to river surfing. It’s just one more thing to add to the list of what Missoulians claim as their unique weirdness. So, what’s the deal? Are oceans and lakes not good enough […]