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Montana Magick


“Why are we here? Wicca offers a remarkably simple answer, namely: We are here to learn and to grow”

That’s what Gavin and Yvonne Frost preach on their page, The Church and School of Wicca. The Frost’s are the founders of The Church and School of Wicca and have written 27 books about their spiritual beliefs.

Wiccans follow no bible, instead they believe in connecting with nature and the spirit of living beings. Divinity is in nature, the cosmos, and each person.

Rituals are performed solo or in groups like covens or congregations. A High Priest or Priestess often leads the groups. The rituals occur in sync with the moon’s phases.

Sabbats are celebrations that coincide with the seasons and represent the wheel of the year. For instance, Samhain, or more commonly known as Halloween, is considered the New Year in Wiccan tradition.

The validity of Wiccan traditions has been questioned before. Notably by Fox News in response to Missouri University taking Pagan and Wiccan holidays off of classes. Fox News, as charming as they are, argued Wiccan holidays aren’t valid because only a minority of people celebrate them despite the fact that many Christmas traditions stem from Pagan holidays.

So what sets apart the Wiccan?

Well, they have spells.

Spells generally use the elements: earth, wind, fire, and spirit. You can use candles, incense, oils, chants, circles, crystals, or recipes to enhance your spell. The spells range from increasing natural beauty to getting rid of PTSD.

For a Wiccan looking to be close to nature, Montana is a great place to be. Here are the top Wiccan Covens in Montana:

  1. Garden of the Crescent Moon

Kalispell, Montana

“It starts, very quietly, it starts in the heart. It starts in the center, it starts from a spark”

Chants fill the night as the drumming starts. A five-person Chinese dragon dances in circles around a blazing fire. This is the scene of the fire circle during SummerFest. The chanting and rhythmic drumming is meant to induce a trance that allows for transformation to occur. During the day, there are workshops and installations to learn from; as well as a Talent Show and a Lughnasadh Ritual. Garden of the Crescent Moon sponsor this gathering along with a celebration during the Autumn Equinox, an alternative Girl Scout program, and a magick study group.

  1. Mountain Moon Circle

Billings, Montana

Mountain Moon Circle was the original creator of the SummerFest fire circle. Their leader, Lady Nytewind, created the group in 2002. They celebrate Sabbats and Esbats, and teach classes in Wicca, Astrology, Alchemy and Drumming.


  1. Great Falls Pagan Group

Great Falls, Montana

This group is open for all people who are pagan or interested in going down the pagan path. The group was started in 2005 and currently has 69 members. They meet in the Great Falls library for divination meetings and study groups.

  1. Correllian Group

Helena, Montana

Orpheis Caroline High Correll started this group in 1479. The High Correll family was a mix of Cherokee and a line of Scottish Traditional Witches. The Correllian group has similar feelings as the Wiccan traditions about spirituality; however they have different ideas about the direction of the Pagan community. They have therefore been accused by other Wiccan groups of not being actual Wiccans. The Shrine of Old Path located in Helena.

  1. Opus Aima Obscuræ Coven

Missoula, Montana

This group combines ancient and modern Pagan practices. It was started in 2003 by Raven Digitalis and Estha McNevin, both Montana natives. They teach through open-source education that promotes independent thought. They also encourage love and trust between their members. In order to join the coven, you have to attend a public holiday, a gendered ritual, and one other event.

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