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Oh, Give Me a Home Where the Sasquatch Roam

Yellowstone National Park is home to some of the largest animals in North America. The park plays home to bison, elk and moose, but there is one creature you won’t find in any field guides that may be living in the park, Bigfoot.

Webcam footage surfaced recently that shows four unidentified creatures walking behind a herd of bison near The Old Faithful site. The video was posted to the park’s website and almost immediately believers and skeptics started talking.

But it’s not the first time the legendary creature was seen in the park. In an interview with ABC News, park spokesman Al Nash told reporters it’s not unheard of for visitors to report seeing the creature. Most of the stories, however, are deemed just that – stories.

Viewers speculate the dark figures could be cross-country skiers, or guests snowshoeing, as both activities are extremely popular in the park during winter, but a passionate group of believers think this is the real thing.

The Bigfoot Research Organization is dedicated to understanding and proving the existence of the creature, and their website has intricate information regarding the creature, including winter behavior.

Most believers consider bigfoot a primate, and since primates don’t hibernate, the BFRO considers a hungry bigfoot walking in the snow a very possible scenario.

Youtube video analyst ThinkerThunker examined the video while comparing the heights of the figures compared to the bison.

His conclusion was, either four NBA players in monkey suits risked life and limb by getting dangerously close to wild bison, or the National Park System has finally got photographic evidence of the legendary beast

Beast or basketball players the footage is compelling.

A hoax is not likely, due to the fact the footage was taken on National park webcams. Because there is no physical evidence, however, and very few NBA players wandering around Yellowstone in the winter, the video can be chalked up to another unsolved mystery.

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