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More Than Just a Mansion: hauntings in Marcus Daly’s summer home

The Daly Mansion in Hamilton has more than one claim to fame. Besides being a popular place for senior high school photos and field trips, it also attracts professional paranormal investigators.

The mansion’s website says that several kinds of “hauntings” have been reported since the mansion became open to the public. Strange lights, sounds, smells, and moving objects all take place within the hallowed halls.

The Mansion belonged to Marcus Daly, a ‘copper king’ from Butte. It was a summer home he bought in 1886. Daly died before it was remodeled for a third time in 1900. In 1941, Daly’s wife Margaret died at the mansion. Are their ghosts responsible for the hauntings, or is it something else?

Hawk Paranormal Scientific Investigations is on the scene. Their investigation yielded results that include full body apparitions, their camera moving by itself, and footage of something moving across an empty floor.

Hawk Paranormal, based in Hamilton, is lead by Tommy Waters, a seasoned ghost hunter. His crew spent a few hours during the night at the mansion in hopes of busting some of the “hauntings”. Is there more to the phantom sounds and smells beyond the age of the house?

Waters said his crew experienced “light anomalies and shadows”. The mansion’s website features a photo the crew caught of a “light anomaly,” seen on the porch. But whether the smells and sounds are anything unusual is still up in the air.

A "light anomaly" seen by Hawk Paranormal Scientific Investigations on the porch in the Daly Mansion.
“Light anomaly” seen by Hawk Paranormal Scientific Investigations on the porch in the Daly Mansion.

Paranormal investigators aren’t the only ones facing spooky situations in the mansion, however.

Someone felt a hand on their back in Margaret Daly’s bedroom. Others say that you can sometimes smell roses in her room, or cigar smoke in Marcus Daly’s office despite smoking not being allowed.

Mansion staff had to deal with a moving painting when they were doing building renovations. It had been moved to an adjacent room for the renovations and each morning the staff would find it had moved from the wall to the floor. Every time it was put back up, it would be right back on the floor the next morning. The painting is protected by glass that would have shattered if it had fallen.

The mystery was never solved; renovations finished and the painting was put back in its place in the living room. It has not fallen since.

The mansion is open to tours and welcomes anyone to decide for themselves whether the place is really haunted.



Photo by Hawk Paranormal Scientific Investigations.

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