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A Lonely Ghost, Mysterious Voices and a Coffin of Dead Bunnies

There’s just something creepy about Montana houses.

At least that’s how Cody Meixner feels. He’s had plenty of practice living with ghosts while living in Montana; including a lonely ghost that just wanted to cuddle.

Meixner, a student at the University of Montana, says he was lying in bed one night when he felt something pull the covers back and climb into bed with him. He woke up and examined the bed only to find that he was alone. The covers, however, were still pulled back.

It all started in Turah, Montana, when his family, once they moved in, found a coffin had appeared in the basement since they bought the house. Inside laid a recently deceased cat, three dead bunnies, and a scattering of petals.

After renovating the basement, they found another room full of dead bunnies in various states of decomposition.

“That’s when I knew my house was haunted.” Meixner says.

Now, Meixner’s paranormal encounters are focused in his attic room of his University district home.

“This never happened when I was living in D.C. or the dorms,” Meixner says. They aren’t always as friendly as the cuddling ghost, either.

One time while he was asleep, Meixner thought he heard his roommates come into his room.

“I could hear them saying ‘let’s get him’ and ‘we’re going to get him’ before they started counting down.”

He assumed that his roommates were going to try and scare him, so he opened his eyes to try to beat them to the punch. When he did, he realized he was alone in his room.

“I’m mentally O.K., I’ve never heard voices, but I heard that.”

Meixner plans on getting an Ouija board in hopes of getting some answers about his lingering unwanted guests.

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