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Just passing through: demonic spirits and a paranormal vortex

The houses had been built in Stevensville in the 1800’s, but no one knows when the paranormal vortex between them developed.

Since then, the inhabitants have faced all kinds of supernatural events, from demonic spirits to unexplainable orbs of light.

The current resident of the southern most house, Charlotte, has had more than her fair share of paranormal experiences since she moved in in 1981.

“Lots of stories through the years, never aggravated me too much,” she said, “we all kind of lived here together and I mean, you shouldn’t live with discarnates ever but I just figured folks were passing through.”

And she isn’t the only one who feels the supernatural presence around the houses. Guests of hers have told her about things they’ve seen in the night. Her son, Mark, would have friends over for the night that wouldn’t want to come back.

Charlotte was already aware that there was something else in the house with her. One time, the attic door was mysteriously left open. She thought it was her landlord fixing something, but when she called him, he said he hadn’t been there. When she went to go check it out, it had locked itself back up.

God’s truth, she said.

A friend of Charlotte’s, Connie, was staying in the spare room at the north end of the house for the weekend when she witnessed something paranormal.

“I’d been reading, I shut the light off and I was not asleep, and I looked up and I saw these lights floating around. I wasn’t afraid or anything, it didn’t make me afraid.” Connie told Charlotte, “I think it’s a visitation.”

Mark had also seen these orbs one night, but they did more than just hover in the air. He said they came down and touched his face and then disappeared. He tried to wake Charlotte up, but she was deeply asleep and wouldn’t wake up no matter how hard he tried, and she says it’s weird because it’s very unlike her.

Things began to escalate after that. At around 6:30 a.m. she was asleep and was suddenly jarred awake by something picking up the foot of her brass bed and dropping it.

“My mouth was dry and my heart was beating and I shouted, ‘you don’t belong here, you need to move on, you need to go to light. Make no mistake, you don’t belong here anymore.’” Charlotte said, “And then the air kind of got lighter around here and I didn’t have anything for a long time after that, but boy was I mad.”

Her most fascinating story begins nearly 3 years ago in May. She had already been dealing with smaller events, but this one was on a whole new level.

Her dog, Mollie, had begun to shake during the night. At first Charlotte thought she was sick, but after a trip to the vet she realized it could be something more. The shaking lasted ten nights and she didn’t sleep once.

It hadn’t occurred to her that maybe Mollie was sensing something.

Charlotte's Dog, Mollie.
Charlotte’s dog Mollie.

During one of the ten nights, Charlotte was lying in bed, trying to get some sleep when suddenly she heard the grinding of teeth close to her ear. And then the doorknob began to turn, as if someone was trying to get in.

“I have a deadbolt,” she explained further, “and the noise was very identifiable.”

She turned on the lights in the adjacent room and tried to go back to sleep. The lights would repeatedly dim during the ten nights and then come back on again, and that’s when she knew something was up.

She said the air felt heavy and the lights began to dim again. She shot straight up in bed, and started saying, “in the name of Lord Sheba, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Mother Mary.” She continued to chant until in the corner of her bedroom a dark, humanoid form appeared. It looked pixelated and disappeared a second later.

“Well, damn, I went and got the salt, and they can’t cross salt, so I salted the damn door,” she said, “[the spirit] pissed me off.”

She talked to an acquaintance about the situation and was directed to a local dowser in Victor. He was too busy for her job at the moment, but told her to send him a picture of the property. She took a snapshot of the area on Google Earth and sent it to him.

Charlotte suspected that there was something going on between the houses. She can see the other two from her front lawn. Her house had been rebuilt after a fire in 1898. After she moved into the new house, she was cleaning up part of the mess the fire made and found that most of the old cook stove had survived and she took the ornate door back with her to the new house. Did she accidentally bring something paranormal with her?

But she says this entity she was dealing with didn’t have anything to do with that door. She received a call from the dowser a week later in May.

“He said he thought he had it taken care of but didn’t know whether it would stay, but there is a portal to the east of my place he could not get permission to close,” she said, “I didn’t ask what that meant.”

The dowser described the portal between the houses as a vortex that allows spirits who think they have something left to do pass through it. It’s in the center of the triangle between the houses. Running water helps conduct spirit activity and Kootenai Creek runs straight through the center of the triangle.

Map of the paranormal vortex and the portal between the three houses in Stevensville, Mont.
Map of the paranormal vortex and the portal between the three houses in Stevensville, Mont.

He moved the portal west across the street. He said that whatever it was went back through the portal and is gone, but he can’t guarantee that it won’t come back. He said the portal is still active but it’s very benevolent.

Charlotte said everything settled down after that. Her dog wasn’t shaking anymore, she could sleep, and everything felt lighter. She vacuumed up the salt.

But 8 months later the shaking started again. She called the dowser right away and he responded immediately. He told her it wasn’t a human spirit, but a demonic one.

“He said that it wants to come out and it wants to be here, it’s never been on the earth,” Charlotte said.

The dowser said he was going to try to eradicate it all together. A while later, he called her and said it was done but it had taken him a very long time. And she could tell it was gone because her house felt lighter, as if it was healed.

Charlotte says that everything has been good since, but it’s coming up on the next year mark. She still occasionally sees orbs of light, however, but she feels that they are like guardian spirits.

The other houses have had similar supernatural activity. A family that moved into the now abandoned house left within 6 months. Charlotte said the mother started having strange dreams and began to paint odd triptychs and create weird carvings based on the dreams she had. The family would sometimes hear crying and later found out that back in the 1800’s the house was an orphanage. After the family moved out, there were multiple other tenants but it’s been empty for the past 5-6 years.

The abandoned house north of Charlotte's house.
The abandoned house north of Charlotte’s house.

The third house is still occupied by a family and has been completely renovated. Charlotte says that one time one of the people who lived in the house, Karen, came over to buy flowers. Charlotte casually tried to slip it into the conversation that she was experiencing paranormal events.

“Things had been pretty active here,” said Charlotte, “I didn’t want her to think I was totally nuts. I said, gosh Karen, things been kind of quiet at your place? And she said, what do you mean? I said, I don’t know, things moving around or anything? She said yes.”

Karen thought it was her brother, who had passed away. She said that photographs were being moved around and rearranged.

Another friend of Charlotte’s, Cindy, used to clean Charlotte’s house for her and would sometimes notice peculiar things. Charlotte says she was very intuitive and “a sensitive for sure.”

But the spirits in the house didn’t bother Cindy. She would sometimes leave a knickknack at one end of the house and find it had moved to the coffee table in the living room. She would sigh and move it back to its original place.

One time she had just finished cleaning the living room and had gone back into the kitchen to find that there were leaves all over the floor. Apparently she had been thinking about sending her daughter some fall leaves, and someone had brought in leaves and left them all over the floor. She sent them to her daughter.

When Charlotte had guests one year, one of them was cleaning the windows outside when he got hit in the back of the head with a roll of paper towels.

“And he yells Hey! to Cindy and she walks by and says, yeah? And looks at him through the window. She wasn’t even outside. He said, ‘whatcha hit me for?’ And she said, what?” said Charlotte, “Could have been a rock, a hatchet, but it was paper towels.”

Charlotte’s had other kinds of incidents too, such as out-of-body experiences.

The first one happened when she was in bed with a fever. She was lying on her side, almost asleep, and literally tumbled from her body. She said it nauseated her and she noticed she was facing to the light fixture on the ceiling. She remembers looking down and seeing the alarm clock. It was 3:12. She said she heard a whooshing sound and was suddenly back in her body.

The second time she was completely well and once again tumbled out of her body at night. She passed through the window but was stuck by her big toe and couldn’t go any further. She said she remembers having the feeling of coolness but doesn’t know if you can actually feel anything when you’re having an out-of-body experience.

“I remember looking out and seeing the stars,” she said, “Boy I remember looking at that sky, black, full of stars like you cannot believe, just amazing, peaceful, like aw dang, I wanna go, but I couldn’t go.”

She lost focus, head the whooshing sound again, and fell back into her body.

The third time she was able to go places. She went into the kitchen, the north end of the house, but then decided she didn’t want to continue and whooshed back into her body. She says she didn’t wan to do it because she didn’t know what was happening and was afraid.

“All this actually happened, and there have been many, many more things.” Charlotte said.

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