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5 Movies that Were Filmed in Montana

“Forrest Grump”: This 90’s comedy-drama blockbuster was shot in a variety of locations, and one of those was Glacier National Park. Gump ran across the entire United States, so a stop in Montana was called for. It may have only been in the movie for a few seconds, but if the movie rental store I work at put a “Made in Montana” sticker on it, then it belongs on this list.

“Nebraska”: Although this Golden Globe winning film follows an old man’s quest to get to Lincoln, Neb., it starts in Billings, Mont. Though not the whole movie, it was partially filmed there. “Nebraska” was well received by critics when it came out in 2013 and heavily featured Billings as a location.

“The Horse Whisperer”: Based on the book by Nicholas Evans, “The Horse Whisperer” is a tale of tragedy, romance, and horses. Robert Redford directed the film and plays the “horse whisperer” from Montana who helps Scarlett Johansson’s teenage character overcome trauma, while falling in love with her mom, played by Kristin Scott Thomas. It has drama, it has stallions, and it has Montana. What more could you ask for?

“A River Runs Through It”: You probably knew that this movie was filmed in Montana. This classic, based on the novel written by Norman Maclean, was also directed by Robert Redford (I guess Redford enjoys making movies based on books set in Montana). The film was takes place in Missoula, however, most of the movie was shot in Livingston, Mont. and is about fly fishing, brotherhood, and the west. It’s also about how cute Brad Pitt is when he plays a bad boy.

“Cattle Queen of Montana”: Most people think of horses when they think of Montana, but as someone who was born here, I always think of cows. “Cattle Queen of Montana” is a 1954 classic western that stars Barbara Stanwyck and Ronald Reagan in the story a young woman named Sierra Nevada who has to protect her home from Native Americans. While the depiction of the Indians is outdated to the point of racism, sometimes it’s fun to remember that one of our presidents was an actor who starred in cheesy westerns.

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