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Eight Times Montana Went Viral

For the most part, people who live in the other 49 states forget that Montana exists. Every once in a while someone manages to catch some Treasure State magic on film and the rest of the United States is reminded of the wild and crazy place we live in.

Usually people can gather a pretty accurate idea of our state from watching videos of wildlife attacking people, skiing from behind horses, bears bouncing on trampolines, and so forth. Montana’s gone viral many times, but here at Last Best Secrets, we decided to put together a list of eight of our favorite videos so you can truly appreciate this great state.


1.) Yellowstone Tourists Get Chased by Black Bears

If you have ever been to Yellowstone, then it is likely that you have witnessed an ignorant tourist toying with death as they try to get an up-close-and-personal picture of wildlife. These people learned first-hand that mama bears will charge if you get too close to their young.


2.) Skijoring in Wisdom, Montana

What is skijoring you ask? Well, it’s skiing while being pulled by a horse, of course. While it may seem strange to the rest of the world, this sport is perfectly normal to the 98 people who call Wisdom home.


3.) That One Time a Montana Representative Defended the Right to Drink and Drive

If there is one thing true about Montana it’s that its people love to drink. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is a big problem in the state, but apparently, according to Rep. Hale, it’s also good for business.


4.) So You Want to Live in Montana?

This poorly animated video went viral in 2011, probably because of its stereotypical description of the Treasure State. According to the video, “The winters there are very harsh. When it snows, it could block the dirt road that leads to the market and you could starve to death if you do not stock up on food.”


5.) The Airborne Bear

In Montana, the best way to get a bear out of a tree is to tranquilize it and place a trampoline underneath it to break its fall. No one anticipated what would happen on the second bounce however. Don’t worry, no harm came to the bear.


6.) Grizzly Bear Chases a Bison in Yellowstone

One of the reasons this video went viral was because of the 2015 Griz football victory against the NDSU Bison. It’s also an incredible bit of nature that someone was lucky to catch on film.

7.) Massive Herd of Elk Crossing a Road

This video has it all, awe, wonder, heartbreak, and thankfully, a happy ending. We can thank whoever captured this video for staying until the very end so we are able to witness the heartwarming finish.


8.) GoPro Documentary of Brutus the Bear

Montana is a weird place. Weird enough for people like Casey Anderson to be able to befriend a bear and give it the name Brutus. Anderson rescued Brutus and established Montana Grizzly Encounter in order to provide a natural home for rescued bears. Brutus and Anderson are so close that the bear served as his best man at Anderson’s wedding. Either Anderson has never heard of Grizzly Man, or he chooses to ignore the 2003 death of the man who was eaten by his lifelong grizzly bear friend.

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