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As Finals Week terrorizes College students across the country, the average student has one thing other than studying on their mind – procrastinating. Lucky for you, your favorite search engine has several hidden ways to help you procrastinating and spend those long nights in the library without losing your mind.



Based off one of the earliest video game concepts, in which you grow larger and larger when you gather points, Google Snake lets you recreate the classic video game in your browser. Google added this feature during the 2013 Chinese New Year. Use the arrow keys to direct your snake to gather coins, tea, and Baozi dumplings for points – all while evading the explosive power of firecrackers dropped randomly throughout the game board.


Zerg Rush


Like many of the Google Easter eggs that are hidden through the search engine, Zerg Rush is another nod to nerd culture. It is based off Blizzard Entertainment’s hit video game franchise “StarCraft.” After you type “Zerg Rush” into Google’s search bar, several O’s will swarm the search results and continue to attack the results until nothing is left standing. You can attack the O’s by clicking on them, but they never stop coming – after all, nothing stops the swarm.


Pac Man

If you’re feeling a little nostalgic, or just miss the one and only giant yellow hockey puck that destroys more specters than the Ghostbusters, the Google browser has you covered. Just enter “Pac Man” into the Google search engine and you’ll be treated to a creative game map that has the Google logo inside of it.


Atari Breakout

If Google loves a couple of things – it’s cool Easter eggs and retro arcade games. Based off the Atari arcade game “Breakout,” entering just that in the browser will turn the images in your search engine into a throwback to the early 70’s. Kill some time and break some bricks with this hidden feature.


Do A Barrel Roll

You know how I said Google loves cool Easter eggs? Well this is one of them. The reference comes from a Super Nintendo Entertainment System, or SNES, game “Star Fox.” The game is a rail shooter where you must pilot Fox’s spacecraft and destroy enemies, and when you get one on your tail, the barrel roll seems to be the go-to move. Type in “do a barrel roll” into the Google search bar, and your screen will do a flip.




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