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Chicken Nuggets That’ll Make You Forget McDonalds

Ever since I was a young I’ve loved McDonald’s chicken nuggets and the sauces they come with. But I’ve realized that they aren’t the healthiest food out there. I mean, they’re fried and have a pretty big layer of fried batter encasing an artificial chunk of chicken. I was pretty bummed to learn that I should cut out McDonald’s completely.

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How Not To Starve On The All-Meat Diet

While the paleodiet attempts to nurture the human body by fueling it with exclusively pre-agrarian foods, the all-meat diet takes things a step farther back. Cutting out fruit, nuts and other forageable flora from a diet already culled of dairy and grain, the all-meat diet is a return to the earliest form of carnivorous food culture.

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Kids are getting drunk off of hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer-related reports have spiked in the last few years, as more children are accessing and sometimes getting drunk off of the ubiquitous germ-killer.

The Georgia Poison Center found that since 2010, there’s been a nearly 400 percent increase in reports to poison control center hotlines across the country of children ingesting hand sanitizer, according to a September article from CNN.

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What The Hell Is A Forest Bath?

Forest bathing, or “shinrin-yoku” in Japanese, is not skinny-dipping in some woodland puddle that you might expect (unless that’s what you want to do.)

Instead, it’s the act of taking a leisurely walk through the forest and using the senses for health benefits including increased focus, stronger immune system, lower blood pressure and decreased stress levels.

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